Bone Marrow Structure and Marrow Aspiration, Biopsy, and Collection for Therapeutic Intent Procedures

  • Howard Meyerson
  • Suchitra Sundaram
  • Hillard M. LazarusEmail author


Analysis of the bone marrow remains a basic tool in the evaluation of patients affected by hematopoietic disorders. This chapter reviews the normal morphologic features of the marrow as well as outlining practical aspects in the evaluation of the marrow aspirate smear and core biopsy. We further review the bone marrow aspirate, biopsy, and collection for therapeutic intent procedures. We present guidelines for submitting marrow samples for research. Ancillary diagnostic tests such as flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, and cytogenetic and molecular studies important for defining the nature of marrow disorders briefly are mentioned. The chapter will give the reader a fundamental understanding of the bone marrow as an organ involved in hematopoiesis and disease processes.


Bone marrow aspirate smear Bone marrow core biopsy Flow cytometry Reticulin stain Iron stain Cytogenetics Immunohistochemical stains Bone marrow biopsy procedure Bone marrow morphology Bone marrow structure Bone marrow harvest Myeloid/erythroid ratio 


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