Time of Flight Imaging and Sensing for Mobile Applications

  • Neale A. W. DuttonEmail author
  • Tarek Al Abbas
  • Francescopaulo Mattioli Della Rocca
  • Neil Finlayson
  • Bruce Rae
  • Robert K. Henderson


Optical sensors, based on the time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) technique, are found in a range of applications from medical to consumer. This chapter provides an overview of the challenges in TCSPC sensor design for mobile applications. We describe the design of a proof-of-concept TCSPC optical sensor with 10 GS/s conversion rate folded flash time to digital converter (TDC) and on-chip histogram generation, designed to minimize time-domain distortion and have high power efficiency. The proof of concept IC is fabricated in STMicroelectronics 130 nm SPAD foundry process. The system consumes 178.1 pJ per photon at 899 M photon/s, and the TDC achieves state of the art 0.48 pJ/S energy efficiency.



Salvatore Gnecchi and Luca Parmesan contributed to the design of the sensor. Oscar Almer contributed to the FPGA controller and measurement evaluation system.

Technical discussions with Pascal Mellot, Bruce Rae, Graeme Storm, Andrew Holmes, Lindsay Grant, Sara Pellegrini, and J. Kevin Moore have been influential in this research.

We are grateful to ST Crolles for silicon fabrication and ST for PhD student support for Francescopaulo Mattioli Della Rocca.

Tare Al Abbas acknowledges funding from The University of Edinburgh and PROTEUS project ( EPSRC grant number EP/K03197X/1).


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  • Tarek Al Abbas
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  • Francescopaulo Mattioli Della Rocca
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    • 2
  • Neil Finlayson
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  • Bruce Rae
    • 1
  • Robert K. Henderson
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  1. 1.Imaging Sub-Group, STMicroelectronicsEdinburghUK
  2. 2.School of Engineering, University of EdinburghEdinburghUK

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