Proximal Humerus Neoplasia

  • Raimondo PianaEmail author
  • Nicola Ratto
  • Andrea Ferro
  • Michele Boffano


The reconstruction of the proximal humerus following a tumor resection remains a big challenge for the orthopedic surgeon, due to the complex anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder joint. The main goals, after a resection with adequate margins, are the stability of the glenohumeral joint and the restoration of passive and active mobility. The proximal humerus reconstruction can be performed with an allograft and/or an endoprosthetic replacement. The resected tendons should be resutured to the prosthesis or the allograft to improve the functional results. The shoulder joint reconstruction with a reverse shoulder prosthesis seems to allow the best functional results, in particular if the circumflex nerve and the deltoid muscle are spared.


Proximal humerus Bone and soft tissue tumor Reverse shoulder arthroplasty Allograft-prosthesis composite Shoulder Limb-sparing surgery Sarcoma 


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