The Checkered Career of Simon Marius

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The phenomenal success of Galileo Galilei with the telescope spread like wildfire across the nation-states of Europe, with the result that nearly every astronomer was keen to get his or her hands on such an instrument to make new discoveries in the starry heavens. One of the earliest “wannabees” was the German astronomer Simon Marius. Born Simon Mayr (later Latinized to Marius) on January 10, 1573, in Gunzenhausen in the region of the Markgrafschaft of Ansbach (Bavaria, south Germany), where his father served as mayor of the city in 1576. From 1586 to 1601, he studied on and off at the Markgrafschaft’s Lutheran academy at Heilsbronn. And it was during his studies here, beginning around 1594, that he became interested in embarking on a career in astronomy and meteorology (Fig. 3.1).


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