Features of Localization of the Poles of the Gravity Potential Regarding to the Field Sources and the Practical Implementation of the «Polus» Method

  • G. ProstolupovEmail author
  • M. Tarantin
Conference paper
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The principle of the vector method “Polus” is described. There are different types of points of intersection of the vectors called poles: in particular the first, second and third orders; definite and indefinite; principal and conjugate. Described in details the peculiarities of their localization on the sources of the gravitational field, the efficiency in solving the inverse problem of gravimetry. An example of the practical use of the program Polus2D on the model of the Verkhnekamsk potassium salts deposit is presented. Concluded the greatest efficiency of poles localization of second and third orders for the observed gravitational field interpretation.


Gravimetry Geology Gradient Inverse problem 



The work is supported by RFBR grant No. 16-45-590426.


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  1. 1.Mining Institute UB RASPermRussian Federation

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