Recurrent Patellar Instability

  • Robin WestEmail author
  • Ryan S. Murray
  • Daniel M. Dean


Recurrent patellofemoral instability is a disabling condition and can be associated with a variety of anatomic factors. Management of recurrent patellar instability remains challenging and it is imperative to have a comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of the patellofemoral joint. A detailed history and thorough clinical examination are key to formulating an appropriate management plan. Trochlear dysplasia, patella alta, an increased tibial tubercle-trochlear groove distance, and soft tissue abnormalities are all anatomical factors that should be considered when treating a patient with recurrent patellar instability. Surgical treatment is based on the underlying anatomical pathology with an aim to restore normal patellofemoral kinematics. This chapter will focus on the treatment options and outcomes of recurrent patellar instability.


Patellar dislocation Patellar instability MPFL reconstruction Trochlear dysplasia MPFL repair Fulkerson osteotomy Tibial tubercle osteotomy Trochleoplasty 


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