Biologic Solutions for Articular Cartilage Healing

  • F. Perdisa
  • L. Andriolo
  • R. De Filippis
  • E. Kon
  • G. Filardo


Post-traumatic articular defects are debilitating conditions. The biomechanical, metabolic, and biological changes due to injury accelerate the wear of articular cartilage, eventually leading to osteoarthritis (OA).

Treatment goals of articular fractures involve accurate fragment reduction and stable fixation, in order to restore native anatomy. However, direct mechanical injury to articular cartilage and the injury-related inflammatory response, as well as concurrent joint injuries, frequently lead to progressive degeneration of the articular surface and ultimately OA.

Proper intra-articular fracture treatment should consider all factors, which may contribute to the development of OA. Once joint congruity, stability, and alignment are restored, different strategies can be applied in order to address the residual articular cartilage lesion. Besides conventional reconstructive strategies, innovative biologic and tissue-engineered ones have been made available more recently, increasing the possibilities of intervention and showing promising results. However, only limited evidence is yet available, and further studies are necessary to prove their effectiveness for these novel forms of articular cartilage lesion management.


Cartilage Injury Intra-articular fracture Cartilage healing 


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