Knee Soft Tissue Injuries Combined with Tibial Plateau Fractures

  • Michael IosifidisEmail author
  • Ioannes Melas
  • Efthymios Iliopoulos
  • Dimitrios Metaxiotis


Fractures of the tibial plateau are complex injuries that frequently involve damage to soft tissue structures, including the menisci and the cruciate and collateral ligaments of the knee. The overall injury may be underestimated if the condition of the soft tissues of the knee is not properly evaluated. Moreover, failure to deal with concomitant meniscal and/or ligamentous injuries in the management of tibial plateau fractures may lead to a poor patient outcome. Establishing a correct diagnosis of the full extent of the knee injury in the presence of a tibial plateau fracture is, therefore, essential for optimal treatment planning. Most cases of tibial plateau fractures combined with soft tissue injuries that require surgical intervention are best managed arthroscopically. Allowing for adequate fracture reduction and internal fixation as well as soft tissue repair, arthroscopy has proven to be a safe, reliable, and effective method of operative treatment of tibial plateau fractures with concomitant meniscal and/or ligamentous damage.


Tibial plateau fracture Soft tissue injury Meniscus Knee ligaments Arthroscopy 


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