Setting the Stage

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Weidner discusses how the notion of the hiddenness of God, or alternatively of divine hiddenness, has its origins in theology rather than philosophy. In that context, the term has been taken in a literal sense, presupposing that there is a God who is in some sense hidden. Weidner elucidates two of the senses in which God has been claimed to be hidden, which include the hiddenness of his presence and essence, and two of the senses in which God has been claimed to be not that hidden, which include the evidence of his existence and energies. By contrast, Weidner clarifies how Schellenberg’s non-literal understanding of the term used in his hiddenness argument refers to the occurrence of what he calls nonresistant nonbelief, i.e., the state of affairs in which someone lacks belief that God exists, even though she is not resistant toward a personal relationship with God.

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