Outside in and Out and in as a Serial Entrepreneur

  • Felicity Kelliher
  • Chris O’Riordan
  • Patrick C. Flood
  • Malcolm Higgs


This chapter considers the serial entrepreneur as an outsider business leader. John Teeling heads up several exploration companies including Botswana Diamonds and Petrel, as well as Great Northern Distillery, which produces Teeling Whiskey. Tracking John Teeling’s career from his first business venture at the age of 14 years old, the chapter chronicles the objective eye of an outsider business leader who specialises in identifying underperforming organisations that have unrealised value within. John reflects on how one sees opportunity where others do not, and contemplates the value of being a purposeful outsider, consciously remaining beyond the confines of “joining” a particular organisation. A conclusion and reflection on the content therein closes the chapter.


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  • Chris O’Riordan
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  • Patrick C. Flood
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  • Malcolm Higgs
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