Breaking Silos: New Modes of Art, Education, and Technology Training in Museums

  • Rosanna FloutyEmail author
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This chapter looks at the trajectory of an online training project called The Broad Museum’s Online Learning Management System (LMS) Training Tool developed and launched for the museum’s opening in 2015. The online platform was designed to train a new breed of front-line, part-time visitor services museum staff, empowering them to be conversant about the art and exhibitions on view, as well as safety procedures. The online training platform included basic safety training, management policies and operation materials for general museum facilities, and have been since extended for use with retail, restaurant and special events staff training after its initial launch. While the online platform was originally built to support robust, core training environments to support part-time staff with diverse backgrounds and experiences in service, hospitality, and contemporary art education, this chapter traces future potential to nourish museum talent across many digital platforms. Some of the larger questions that museums struggle with include how to help people connect and learn in museums, and how best to help staff engage with visitors to facilitate optimal museum experiences. Ultimately, this chapter looks at ways to form collaborations across many other contemporary art museums to support radical growth for supporting museum talent, across departments and across many kinds of museums.


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