Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Liver Biopsy

  • David L. DiehlEmail author


Endoscopic-guided liver biopsy (EUS-LB) is a more recent approach to doing parenchymal liver biopsy, complementing the current methods of percutaneous or transjugular biopsy. Studies have shown that tissue yields are comparable between the methods. For patients who require an endoscopy or an EUS in addition to a liver biopsy, EUS-LB allows combining both procedures at the same time, which is more convenient for patients and can lower health care costs. This chapter will review the technique of EUS-LB, with specific attention paid to needle selection and preparation, endosonographic identification of targets, post-procedure recovery, possible adverse events, as well as tissue handling after liver biopsy. A section is included regarding considerations that the pathologist should keep in mind. Future directions for clinical applications and research are also discussed.


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