Disorienting Dilemmas in Immersive Dance: Caroline Bowditch’s “Frida” and Stephanie Singer’s “Bittersuite”

An Interview by Madeleine Campbell
  • Marta Masiero


Dancer Marta Masiero draws from her experience working with choreographer Caroline Bowditch and the collective of musicians and dancers BitterSuite, founded and directed by Stephanie Singer, to discuss how contemporary dance fits into the current social climate, creating performances which are becoming more accessible and immersive. In this transition the role of the spectator becomes essential, as ultimately the work needs to be received by the audience to whom it is directed. The performers learn how to make their bodies speak through movement, while composition (or choreography) allows communication to be structured to convey the work or trigger responses in the audience. In her interview Masiero responds to constructs presented by Gaia Del Negro in Chapter 14 on intersubjectivity and intersemiotic practice.


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