Decidual Vasculopathy

  • Beverly B. RogersEmail author
  • M. Halit Pinar


Decidual vasculopathy of the placental membranes consists histopathologically of atherosis and mural hypertrophy of parietal arterioles. The clinical association of decidual vasculopathy in the membranes is the same as when these features are seen in the basal decidua, indicating maternal malperfusion of the placenta. There is a difference in the histogenesis of mural hypertrophy of arterioles in the parietal decidua, which is likely related to maternal blood pressure, compared to the thick musculature of arterioles in the basal decidua, which results in part from lack of vascular adaptation by extravillous trophoblast.


Membranes Atherosis Mural hypertrophy Vasculopathy Placenta 


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