Potential Use of Plant Proteolytic Enzymes in Hemostasis

  • Alfonso Pepe
  • María Gabriela GuevaraEmail author
  • Florencia Rocío Tito


Hemostasis is defined as the maintenance of the fluidity of circulating blood while at the same time protecting the organism from life-threatening bleeding at sites of vascular injury. The cell-mediated system of proteolysis of plasma coagulation proteins is essential for the survival of the organism. The hemostatic mechanism has evolved as a complex system in which serine proteases with high specificity assemble on cell membrane receptors in complex with cofactor molecules. They propagate several enzymatic reactions that lead to the formation of a thrombus that stop bleedings. It can be divided into the processes of platelet plug formation, blood coagulation, anticoagulation, and fibrinolysis (Walsh and Ahmad 2002).


Pro-coagulants Anticoagulant activity Fibrinolytic activity Fibrin(ogen)olytic activity 


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