Impact of Precipitation on Dissipation of Pore Pressure in Colluvium of the Carpathian Flysch Landslide

  • J. StaniszEmail author
  • P. Krokoszyński
  • R. Kaczmarczyk
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Measurement of pore water pressure is helpful to locate the position of the zone of weakness, and its changes may indicate the formation of slip surface at hazard of mass movements. It is shown in the paper, based on some studies, that the pore water pressure measurements have helped to determine the area where the increase of deviator stress and this way the effective stress reduction and the development of the slip surface. In the process of destroying the geological structure of the center the apparent increase of pore pressure follows, and then it declines shortly after the end of the process. The changes are particularly evident after periods of heavy rainfall and are related to the permeability of ground. The paper discusses the results of pore pressure tests in dry and wet conditions.


Pore pressure Dissipation test Landslide 

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