‘Zambia Shall Be Saved!’ Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

  • Naar M’fundisi-Holloway
Part of the Christianity and Renewal - Interdisciplinary Studies book series (CHARIS)


In this chapter, Mfundisi-Holloway develops a discourse that analyses the issue of HIV/AIDS as a political issue and not just a health problem. She explores the significant contribution of Pentecostal churches in the fight against HIV/AIDS by examining two case studies. Having engaged Drooger’s three-dimensional model, it demonstrates how Pentecostal churches, in their communion with the transcendent (transcendental dimension), were able to organize themselves through their leaders and members (internal dimension) in order to influence what was going on, on the public domain (external dimension: medical field), in this context HIV/AIDS. This chapter uses two Pentecostal churches namely GOF and Northmead Assemblies of God as case studies that run fully-fledged clinics that diagnose, track and treat HIV/AIDS. In this chapter, she also proposes that just like any other forms of civic engagement, there is a need for the creation of an indigenous Pentecostal theology of HIV/AIDS that will take into account the sociocultural and theological issues surrounding the Zambian Pentecostal context as well as guide their work from a firm Biblical standpoint.

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  • Naar M’fundisi-Holloway
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