Evolution and Challenges in Frontal Sinus Surgery

  • Carol H. Yan
  • David W. Kennedy


Diseases of the frontal sinus have long challenged otorhinolaryngologists who debated over the optimal surgical approach. Historical techniques in frontal sinus surgery focused on obliteration of disease through predominantly external approaches. Unfortunately, these procedures were disfiguring and wrought with high failure rates and frequent revisions. The advent of endoscopic techniques and innovative instrumentation have advanced our understanding of frontal sinus anatomy and improved surgical outcomes. The modern approach to frontal sinus disease involves mucosal-sparing techniques and a restoration of a nasofrontal outflow tract. This chapter highlights the spectrum and evolution of frontal sinus surgery and the technological advances that have changed our management of frontal sinus disease.


Osteoplastic flap Trephination Ablation Endoscopic Lothrop Mucosal sparing Stents Balloon dilatation 


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