Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Surface-Mounted Cylinder in Presence of Rectangular Winglet Pair

  • Hemant Naik
  • Shaligram TiwariEmail author
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Heat transfer and flow field characteristics past surface-mounted finite height circular cylinder in the presence of vortex generators (VGs) have been investigated numerically. Aspect ratio of circular cylinder such that the ratio of height to diameter of cylinder is kept fixed as 2.0 and Reynolds number based on diameter of cylinder and free stream velocity has been varied in the range from 1000 to 4000. Vortex generators in the form of rectangular winglet pair (RWP) in common flow down configuration with an angle of attack equal to 35° are considered for the present study. Present study aims to investigate the effect of combination of finite height cylinder and RWP on heat transfer enhancement by varying location of RWP relative to center of the cylinder. To illustrate the behavior of flow field, streamlines plots have been used and are compared with heat transfer field by using temperature contours. Pressure loss and heat transfer enhancement are quantified in terms of friction factor and overall surface-averaged Nusselt number, respectively. The concept of secondary flow intensity has been used to estimate the relationship between heat transfer and secondary flow. Effect of RWP location on thermal performance factor has also been reported.


Finite height cylinder Rectangular winglet pair Secondary flow intensity Nusselt number 



Area of the heated surface


Coefficient of pressure


Cylinder diameter


Friction factor


Cylinder height


Convective heat transfer coefficient


Height of vortex generator


Thermal performance factor


Turbulent kinetic energy


Length of computational domain


Width of computational domain


Height of computationaldomain


Length of vortex generator


Nusselt number


Non-dimensional pressure


Reynolds number


Secondary flow intensity



\(U_{\infty }\)

Free stream velocity


Cartesian velocity component in \(X_{j}\)-coordinate direction


Non-dimensionalized Cartesian space coordinates in X, Y, Z direction

X, Y, Z

Non-dimensionalized Cartesian space coordinates

Greek symbols


Turbulent dynamic thermal diffusivity


Angle of attack of vortex generator

\(\Delta X\)

Streamwise center distance between tube and winglet

\(\Delta Y\)

Spanwise center distance between tube and winglet


Dissipation rate


Thermal conductivity


Kinematic viscosity of fluid


Turbulent kinematic viscosity of fluid


Volume of the computational domain


Vorticity component normal to a cross section


Density of fluid


Turbulent Prandtl numbers for k

\(\sigma_{\varepsilon }\)

Turbulent Prandtl numbers for \(\varepsilon\)


Non-dimensional temperature

\(y^{ + }\)

Wall y-plus



Bulk-mean value




Local value


Normal direction


Absence of vortex generator





Aspect ratio


Common flow down


Common flow up


Delta winglet pair


Friction factor ratio


Heat transfer ratio


Rectangular winglet pair


Secondary flow intensity ratio


Vortex generator


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