Telemedicine and Pediatric Urgent Care: A Vision into the Future

  • Mordechai D. RaskasEmail author
  • Kari Gali
  • Dana Aronson Schinasi
  • Shayan Vyas


Telemedicine is a diverse, rapidly expanding, and evolving field of medicine. For pediatric urgent care centers and their patients, telemedicine can provide convenience, improve access to care, increase efficiency, and expand reach. Use cases of telemedicine in pediatric urgent care include kiosks, load balancing, “hub and spoke” and “satellite” models, direct-to-consumer offerings, subspecialty consultations, and mentorship. Quality, reimbursement, licensure, and various technical issues are some of the significant challenges to telemedicine. Government and non-profit organizations provide an array of online resources for those looking to develop or expand a telemedicine program.


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