From Petrarch to Bacon, Technécology Style: Introduction

  • Sheila J. Nayar


When Petrarch undertook his mission to cast off his putatively dark ages, his Renaissance world was radically different than that of Francis Bacon several centuries later. This was due, in no small measure, to the rise of three technologies (ones Bacon himself had emphasized for their import): the printing press, which engendered a revolution in communication; gunpowder, which did so in warfare; and the magnetic compass, which rewrote navigation and knowledge of the globe. This chapter lays out how these three technologies are methodologically handled in the book apropos their impact on literature, and on humanism more particularly, and, in doing so, underscores how literature, or culture, or technology, cannot so easily be disassociated or disentangled from other aspects of the environment.

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