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If one describes cosmology as the study of the Universe – its origin, evolution and eventual fate – the conception of this subject can probably be traced back to the earliest annals of human history. Oft-repeated fundamental questions of cosmology such as “Why are we here?” or “How does the Universe work?” put an almost metaphysical spin on what has, over time, become a precision science. It is perhaps due to its dual nature – treading a fine line between science and philosophy – that cosmology has become a subject that has fascinated mankind for millennia. Starting with early records in the Vedic Rigveda (ca. 12th century BCE) that describe the Universe as a ‘cosmic egg’, cycling eternally between periods of expansion and collapse, shifting to the Ptolemaic view (2nd century CE) of an Earth-centred universe, early cosmological models have ranged from themes of the theological to the anthropocentric. The evolution of cosmology from a speculative enterprise to a scientific discipline was made possible through the increasing availability of astronomical data.


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