Dynamics and Kinematics at Small Scales: From Micro and Nano Bubbles to Nanotubulation

  • Balakrishnan AshokEmail author
Conference paper
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We discuss the behaviour of systems at the micro and nano-scales, looking at some interesting examples in particular. We first discuss our theoretical work on charged micro- and nano-bubbles undergoing radial oscillations in a liquid due to ultrasonic forcing. We obtain charge, frequency and pressure thresholds for the system. The electric charge affects the nonlinear oscillations of the bubble crucially, and limits the influence of the other control parameters such as the pressure amplitude and frequency of the driving ultrasound on the bubble dynamics. This has ramifications for medical diagnostics as well as industrial applications. We then report our theoretical work on the behaviour of nanotubes drawn out from micrometre-scale vesicles and exhibiting very interesting dynamics. Our theoretical model completely captures and reproduces all aspects of the force-extension curves reported in the experimental literature, completely explaining the dynamics of vesicular nanotubulation for the very first time.


Bubble dynamics and cavitation Nanotubulation Nonlinear dynamics Relaxation oscillations 


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  1. 1.Centre for Complex Systems and Soft Matter PhysicsInternational Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIIT-B)BangaloreIndia

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