Čech and Local Duality

  • Peter SchenzelEmail author
  • Anne-Marie Simon
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In this chapter we provide some duality formulas for the Čech cohomology of an unbounded complex, which involve the general Matlis dual \({\check{C}}_{\underline{x}}^{\vee }\) of the Čech complex. When the sequence \(\underline{x}\) is a system of parameters of a Noetherian local ring our formulas provide a version of the Grothendieck Local Duality for Cohen–Macaulay or Gorenstein local rings. As a byproduct we obtain new characterizations of Gorenstein local rings in terms of local homology. As another byproduct there are some characterizations of \(\mathfrak {m}\)-torsion and \(\mathfrak {m}\)-pseudo complete modules over a Gorenstein local ring. When the sequence \(\underline{x}\) is a system of parameters of a complete Noetherian local ring, it turns out that the complex \({\check{C}}_{\underline{x}}^{\vee }\) is a bounded complex of injective modules with finitely generated cohomology. For that reason we start the chapter with an investigation of such complexes.

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