• Susanna Scarparo
  • Mathias Sutherland Stevenson
Part of the Pop Music, Culture and Identity book series (PMCI)


The conclusion reiterates that since the 1980s in Italy reggae and reggae-inflected hip hop have resonated strongly with the perceived cultural, linguistic, social, and political marginalization experienced by many Italians, particularly in the southern regions of the country. By infusing reggae and reggae-inflected hip hop with local elements, such as multiple local languages and linguistic codes, southern Italian artists have created transversal and transnational alliances with other marginalized subjectivities along ethnic, cultural, and political lines. As such, reggae, and later reggae-inflected hip hop, has also provided means to promote transcultural and inter-linguistic dialogue within the diverse local contexts that have continued to divide Italy along northern and southern regional identities since its unification in 1861.

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