Introduction: A Special Note on the Heightened Effects of Urban Marginality in the Trump Era

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Part of the Neighborhoods, Communities, and Urban Marginality book series (NCUM)


Democracy, diversity, and what most might consider decency, all may be under siege in the Americas, and much of that attack is emanating from the US in the Trump era. With the increasing disregard of human and civil rights, inside the US, at its borders, and in Puerto Rico, it is difficult and possibly unprecedented to imagine a time other than Antebellum slavery when the US has been so at odds with its creed. However, these growing challenges are not confined to the US. Marginality of nondominant groups is on the rise throughout the hemisphere, with various and few positive outcomes. This chapter posits a clear and present concern, and outlines how the authors in ensuing chapters interrogate this moment in the Americas.


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