A Unique Confluence: Demographics, Socio-Economics and Politics

  • Leila Benali
Part of the Perspectives on Development in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region book series (PDMENA)


The organization of the sector in the different countries of the MENA region has been changing overtime. These countries share several common features which impacted the governance and the organisation of the electricity sector, but can widely differ in terms of economic and human development standards, sources of revenue, private sector development, credit ratings, to cite a few. The social challenges, the urgent need to create employment, the need for infrastructure, housing and various utilities are common. This region is unique and accounts for the world’s highest electricity demand growth rates and the highest consumption per capita. High demographic growth, rapid urbanisation and accelerated industrialization are some of the first limits faced when attempting to apply generic models. Economic growth is “distorted” by international oil prices. The presentation of the first three experiences of electric reforms in the region (Morocco, UAE and Oman) provides interesting insights on the peculiarities of this region.


Investments needs Modelling Drivers of growth Distortion 


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