The Risk to Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services: A Framework for the Atlas of Ecosystem Services

  • Matthias SchröterEmail author
  • Christian Kuhlicke
  • Johannes Förster
  • Cornelia Baessler
  • Aletta Bonn


Our framework (Fig. 1.1) depicts different components of a dynamic in which ecosystem services are provided and managed [1]. The impact of on ecosystems can lead to a loss of ecological processes and properties, which are the basis for the provision of ecosystem services to society.


Social-ecological system Drivers Trade-offs Risk Resilience 


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  • Johannes Förster
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  • Cornelia Baessler
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  • Aletta Bonn
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  6. 6.Department of Community EcologyHelmholtz Centre for Environmental Research–UFZHalleGermany
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