‘Emotioning’ Gender: Plotting the Male and the Female in Byzantine Greek Passions and Lives of Holy Couples

  • Andria Andreou
Part of the New Approaches to Byzantine History and Culture book series (NABHC)


Andreou’s study focuses on two Byzantine hagiographic texts, each of which relates the story of a married couple: the Life of Andronikos and Athanasia and the Passion of Adrianos and Natalia. The texts’ protagonists evidence certain emotions, which are, on the one hand, rarely represented in hagiographic literature (e.g., affection for one’s child or husband) and, on the other, gender-specific. Andreou dwells on the emotional manifestations of these characters and argues that through specific emotional performances, they transgress their gender. She also demonstrates how the protagonists’ emotions are the driving force that unravels the texts’ plots and constructs saintly identity.

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  • Andria Andreou
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