Using Intelligent Data Analytics for Urban Planning and Design

  • Joseph N. Pelton
  • Indu B. Singh


The key to any smart city begins with a focused planning process. This effort, if conducted properly, has only a single purpose. This is to define on a collective basis the current situation of a city and where it wants to go in the near, medium and longer term. Personal experience with smart city planning has indicated that cities do not change overnight. It takes hard and dedicated work and continuity of purpose. The Danish city of Copenhagen began planning to become free of dependence on petroleum and energy resilient in the 1970s when a severe oil shortage drove planning in this direction. They now expect to fully reach their goal of a zero-carbon footprint as of 2025, but it has taken some five decades of effort to reach this objective.

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  • Joseph N. Pelton
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  • Indu B. Singh
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