To the Calculation of the Coefficient of Stock of the Clutch

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The engine torque is transmitted to the drive wheels of a vehicle through the clutch and transmission. Friction clutches of various designs are the most useful in cars. The reliability and efficiency of torque transmission is determined by the reserve coefficient of clutch. Conventional analytical determination of the magnitude of this coefficient is a calculation based on design parameters of the clutch, and it has a constant value. But the two-mass dynamic model of a car shows that this magnitude cannot be of a constant value. Using this dynamic model, one can determine the magnitude of the reserve coefficient of clutch. This takes into account the technical, constructive characteristics of a vehicle, the gear transmission ratios and driving conditions. Calculated on the basis of the moment of resistance to a vehicle’s movement, the reserve coefficient of clutch will increase its traction parameters.


Reserve coefficient of clutch Friction clutch torque Moment of resistance to movement 


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