Increased Durability of Flexible Gear of Harmonic Drive Due to Flexible Bearing Modification

  • I. E. LyuminarskyEmail author
  • S. E. Lyuminarsky
  • E. S. Lyuminarskaya
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The research object is a harmonic drive with a cam wave generator. A harmonic drive operation is limited by flexible gear fatigue resistance, flexible bearing durability and teeth sides wear resistance. After prolonged use, the wave generator may possibly wear. To increase the fatigue resistance, a refined method of ring gear stress calculation should be developed for the consideration of the drive structural change and parameter impact on flexible gear stresses. The developed mathematical model of a harmonic drive enabled to prove the possibility of flexible gear stress reduction due to a small recess (some dozens of µm) on the outer flexible bearing surface. The obtained dependencies expand the knowledge about the impact of various harmonic drive factors on flexible gear stresses.


Flexible bearing Flexible gear Fatigue resistance Flexible bearing outer race Stresses 


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    Email author
  • S. E. Lyuminarsky
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  • E. S. Lyuminarskaya
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  1. 1.Bauman Moscow State Technical UniversityMoscowRussia

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