Application of Augmented Reality in the Compilation and Publication of Cartographic Textbooks

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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 809)


With the rapid development of network and information technology, the textbook is not only limited to the publication of the paper media, but also closely related to the Internet. Traditional teaching materials of cartography began to transform and upgrade to various forms, such as the combination of various new media forms and traditional books, the application of virtual reality VR technology and augmented reality AR technology in the publication of new form textbooks. This paper introduces the concept of augmented reality (AR) and feature technology, the basic paradigm and application mode of augmented reality technology is applied to the analysis of the publication of textbooks; compiling and writing introduces how to make use of the augmented reality technology and teaching resources for new forms of teaching. AR augmented reality technology in the mobile phone APP into the difficult understanding of the graphic graphics into a three-dimensional model, and can be multi angle, zoom, narrow the interactive view. The combination of AR augmented reality technology and cartography teaching materials can bring more 3D three-dimensional experience and enhance readability of textbooks, which not only makes learning easier, but also makes classroom learning more vivid and interesting.


Augmented reality technology AR Compilation and publication of cartographic textbooks 


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