Principles of Assessment in Adolescent and Young Adult Rheumatology Practice

  • Helen Foster
  • Sharmila JandialEmail author
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Musculoskeletal (MSK) presentations are common, ranking highly in the self-reported health problems amongst adolescents, and result from a spectrum of causes. The evidence-based approach to paediatric and adolescent MSK clinical examination includes a basic examination (pGALS) and a more detailed regional MSK examination (pREMS). These tools were developed in recognition that ‘children are not little adults’. The MSK assessment must be interpreted in the context of general assessment, suspected ‘red flags’ and systemic enquiry. The importance of early diagnosis and prompt referral of suspected MSK disease to specialist teams is increasingly relevant in the era of potent treatments for AYA with rheumatic disease but also applies to other MSK conditions.


Clinical assessment Clinical skills 


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