Nanotechnology-Based Developments in Biofuel Production: Current Trends and Applications

  • Avinash P. Ingle
  • Priti Paralikar
  • Silvio Silverio da Silva
  • Mahendra RaiEmail author


The extensive consumption of fossil fuels due to ever increasing global population leads to the depletion in its resources all over the world. Moreover, these fuels are playing a major role in creating environmental pollution. As a renewable energy alternative resources, utilization of biomass resources for the production of biofuels attracted a great deal of attention from every corner of the world. Various conventional approaches including chemical, thermochemical, biological methods, etc. have been developed but certain limitations in the smooth application of these methods create pressing need to investigate rapid and environment friendly approaches for sustainable biofuel production. In this context, nanotechnological approaches are found as more promising. Nanotechnologies represent one of the most fascinating techno-scientific revolutions ever undertaken in various sectors including biofuel and bioenergy. Various nanomaterials in the form nanocatalysts play an important role in catalytic degradation of different lignocellulosic biomass into fermentable sugars, which are further used for bioethanol production. Similarly, the production of biodiesel and biogas through nanotechnological approaches has attained a great deal of attention. In this chapter, we have mainly focused on recent trends and applications of nanotechnology in biofuel production. In addition, conventional methods commonly used for biofuel production are also discussed in brief.


Nanotechnology Biofuel Nanomaterials Nanoparticles Biodiesel Bioethanol 


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