The Art of Pain: A Patient’s Perspective of Chronic Pain

  • Yvonne Palermo


Art is a language, much overlooked in health care, but one that explains and expresses all the senses, the reality of the translator, the artist.



I would also like to thank my daughter, without her I wouldn’t have fought as hard, and remember NONE of this is your fault. To the child I lost due to my broken body, I think of you every day. I would like to acknowledge Dr. Hagedorn and Dr. Odderson of Seattle, Washington, for living up to their oaths. Jim, without your believing in me and support, I would not be here, and thanks for staying true to your vows, that is a man. Also I would like to thank Mark; this was quite a gift you gave me. I am thanking myself, for being able to walk through the threshold of pain and keep going strong for myself and to help others. Dad, thanks for supporting me and listening. Lisa G. T. an amazing person blessed to call friend. And lastly, Dr. Moore, thanks for taking a chance on a stranger and letting her tell a scary story that should open some eyes up to many truths about chronic pain, our healthcare system, and make some changes for the better for people living in pain.

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