Lung Stem Cells in Lung Repair and Regeneration

  • Ahmed El-Hashash


Intensive studies on lung development have helped to determine and characterize the lung-specific stem/progenitor cells and their regulatory molecular mechanisms. The adult lung consists of a wide range of different cell lineages, which are clearly quiescent in the absence of injury. The lung could remarkably respond quickly to different types of acute damage. This response is evidenced by the cell cycle, reentry of lung-specific stem cells, and their ability to differentiate to promote lung repair/regeneration. The process of lung repair and regeneration after acute injury, therefore, includes many of the stem and progenitor cell lineages. The accumulated research findings from lung developmental biology are currently widely used to determine the mechanisms that underlie lung repair/regeneration. This chapter describes our current knowledge of the roles of lung-specific stem cells in both lung repair and regeneration. It also describes how basic studies into lung developmental biology and regulatory molecular mechanisms are now being applied to lung repair/regeneration after injury.


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