Design of a Kind of Optimized Time-Lapse Macro VR Movie Recording System

  • YanXiang ZhangEmail author
  • Pengfei Ma
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With the popularization of VR head mounted displays (HMD), the demands for VR movies are rising rapidly. Traditionally, time lapse movies are usually used for educational purpose, but they can be significantly more vivid if they can be viewed in VR ways. The authors designed a kind of automatic control system targeted to record VR movies showing the slow process of change such as plant growing, astronomical phenomena, etc. The system is mainly consist of hardware module and software part. The system hardware includes five parts consisting of the main-control chip using FPGA, dual H-bridge motor drive circuit using L298N drive chip, two channels relay circuit with isolation using optical coupler, the three channels DC output switched-mode power supply, a slide track with a two phase four wire step motor as mechanical parts, which are used to support the camera controlled by a cable release. For the software part, Quartus II and Verilog HDL were used to program and control. It has many advantages, including adjustable micro spur, simple design, unattended operation for a long time, safe and convenient operations.


Time-lapse Macro VR movies FPGA Step motor Liner slide rail 


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