Characterization of Dynamic Deformation and Failure of Novel Light Weight Steel Alloy

  • T. R. Walter
  • P. MoyEmail author
  • T. Sano
  • K. Limmer
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The need for new weight-saving high-strength materials has been increasing in recent years. The demand for fuel efficiency in the auto industry has driven research in the development of lightweight materials and structures while maintaining crash worthiness and safety. The constraints on vehicle weight is also felt in the defense industry. The need to maintain or reduce weight while enhancing protection and durability is a critical goal for the DoD. Fe-Mn-Al is a family of alloys which have been identified as a potential replacement for high strength structural steel such as RHA. Fe-Mn-Al has shown similar properties and performance with 10–15% reduction in weight when compared to RHA (Howell, Microstructural Influence on Dynamic Properties of Age Hardenable FeMnAl Alloys, 2009).

This study will examine the high strain rate properties of a lightweight Fe-Mn-Al alloys using the split Hopkinson pressure bar. Tension and compression tests will be performed to examine flow stress and strain to failure as a function of loading rate. High rate digital image correlation will be performed using a pair of Kirana high speed cameras capable of 5 M fps. A combination of SEM techniques (e.g. EDS and EBSD) and micro-XCT will help identify damage and deformation of tested specimens.


Fe-Mn-Al Strain-rate Dynamic failure Digital image correlation Phenomenological 


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  1. 1.U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving GroundAberdeenUSA

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