Badiou, Stevens, Drawing

  • Cameron MacKenzie
Part of the Pivotal Studies in the Global American Literary Imagination book series (PSGALI)


Beginning with Badiou’s enigmatic essay, “Drawing: On Wallace Stevens,” MacKenzie argues that Badiou uses Stevens’s poetry as an explanatory device to affect a leap forward in his thinking. Emphasizing an obscure artistic practice referred to throughout that essay as “drawing,” Badiou uses a series of dialectics to push away from traditionally metaphysical aesthetics, seeking to collapse the void into an ineffable act. Identifying the similarities Badiou identifies between “drawing” and Chinese brushwork, MacKenzie suggests that the new direction Badiou seeks for his thought is one that has already been explored by Ezra Pound.


Inaesthetics “Drawing: On Wallace Stevens” Wallace Stevens Drawing Void 


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