• James Kellenberger
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In this chapter a model for global peace that effectively rules out war will be presented and considered. Thinkers who have contemplated the requirements of a world without war have proposed one of two models. The first is a model of a new world order that does not tolerate international belligerence. The other is a model of new human relations with bonds that bind the peoples of the world in nonviolence. This chapter develops a model of the second sort, the model of a human biological family. The human biological family provides a model for a wider human family. If humans felt themselves to be in a family analogous to their biological family and became socialized to regard other persons as family members, or if only national leaders felt themselves to be in a family-like primary group with a similar mutual socialization, then, it is argued, war and violence against others would become as unthinkable as violence against the members of one’s biological family.

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