Foresight, Organization Policies and Management Strategies in Electric Vehicle Technology Advances at Tesla

  • Alfred AkakpoEmail author
  • Evans Akwasi Gyasi
  • Bentil Oduro
  • Sunny Akpabot


The purpose of this case study is to describe Tesla’s management strategies, organizational policies, and foresight approaches used to plan and implement a pragmatic strategy for the future mass production of electric vehicles (EVs) at affordable prices. The challenges posed by increasing global instability in the automotive business, changing technology, and alarming increase of carbon dioxide emissions, all heightened the immediate need for change from traditional treatment of automotive practices to something innovative, yet executable. The Tesla organization has developed an ambitious plan and strategy in response to these challenges through long-range battery technology that will enable them to complete production of high volume and low-cost electric cars with no fumes, noise, or dirt to millions.


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