European Roadmaps, Programs, and Projects for Innovation in Connected and Automated Road Transport

  • Gereon MeyerEmail author
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This chapter is summarizing the current initiatives in support of connected and automated driving taken by public authorities, academia and industrial stakeholders in Europe. It is covering the actions by the European Commission, such as the GEAR 2030 strategy, the C-ITS platform, the cooperation of automotive and telecom industries for connectivity, and the strategic transport research and innovation agenda (STRIA). At the same time, the roadmaps of European technology platforms and public private partnerships such as EPoSS, ERTRAC, ECSEL and EATA are explained. Also, an analysis of funding calls and projects for the Automated Road Transport (ART) topic of Horizon 2020 is given, and additional programs such as ICT, ECSEL, PENTA, and the Urban Innovative Actions are introduced. The results of a worldwide benchmark study are reported as well. Finally, the two Coordination and Support Actions forming the initiative, SCOUT and CARTRE are presented and their efforts to establish a comprehensive roadmap to accelerate innovation of connected and automated driving in Europe are summarized.


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The author is indebted to all stakeholders of the European connected and automated driving community, particularly to the European Technology Platforms EPoSS and ERTRAC, to the JU ECSEL and the SCOUT and CARTRE projects. Financial support by the European Commission’s DGs CONNECT and RESEARCH is kindly acknowledged.


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