Introduction: Game Changers in Radiology

  • Sergey MorozovEmail author
  • Erik Ranschaert
  • Paul Algra


Radiologists are being confronted with an amalgam of technological changes that can and will have a significant impact on their profession. Mass media are creating a real hype around artificial intelligence for automated image analysis, hereby exerting external pressure on radiologists to reevaluate the value and future of their profession. Radiologists from their side seem to be rather reluctant to embrace and implement these new technological opportunities. The question is whether they are prepared to leave their traditional way of working and follow the progressive transition to the digital environment with applications based on convolutional neural networks and deep learning technology. The key opportunities for further integration of these new technological tools into healthcare and radiology are proposed in this introduction, including their limitations and the hurdles that still have to be taken.


Artificial intelligence Radiology Integration Medical imaging 


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