The Case for Personalized Anonymization of Database Query Results

  • Axel MichelEmail author
  • Benjamin Nguyen
  • Philippe Pucheral
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 814)


The benefit of performing Big data computations over individual’s microdata is manifold, in the medical, energy or transportation fields to cite only a few, and this interest is growing with the emergence of smart disclosure initiatives around the world. However, these computations often expose microdata to privacy leakages, explaining the reluctance of individuals to participate in studies despite the privacy guarantees promised by statistical institutes.

In this paper, we consolidate our previous results to show how it is possible to push personalized privacy guarantees in the processing of database queries. By doing so, individuals can disclose different amounts of information (i.e. data at different levels of accuracy) depending on their own perception of the risk, and we discuss the different possible semantics of such models.

Moreover, we propose a decentralized computing infrastructure based on secure hardware enforcing these personalized privacy guarantees all along the query execution process. A complete performance analysis and implementation of our solution show the effectiveness of the approach to tackle generic large scale database queries.


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  • Benjamin Nguyen
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  • Philippe Pucheral
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