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  • Stratos Georgoulas


What has motivated me to make this long journey into the past and why have I chosen this era? Like any written text, so its author is the product of his/her time. I live in Greece, in a country where policies are implemented and their victims are the people of the country; rights that have been won by decades of struggles have just been lost, and democracy has disappeared. At the same time, in this situation where transnational/state/corporate crimes are normal, criminological (and not that only) thought, apart from a few exceptions, is absent, and when it declares itself present, it simultaneously declares its faith in the TINA theory (i.e. There Is No Alternative). Bleak darkness has fallen, and the worst is that at the present moment there is a new evil coming, that most people are beginning to get used to this situation, to legitimize it; it has becoming their habitus, their second nature.


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