Events and Political Narratives

  • Osvaldo Raggio
Part of the Early Modern History: Society and Culture book series (EMH)


The conflicts that lacerated the Republic of Genoa political life during the sixteenth century reveal the profile of factional alignments. Both the criminal records and the political narrative allow us to see these local alignments in action, through conflict and solidarity, and to identify some of the basic elements of their relational structure and their forms of expression. Here, the notion of ‘event’ becomes a key for the reconstruction of a collective public stage, and for a local de-codification of the themes and language of high politics. The time line of political and judicial events highlighted in the archival record permits us to reconstruct events and conflicts, and to pinpoint local and supra-local relational structures. Together with fragmentary evidence of the lives of men and women, this narrative reveals the categories and principles that drove concrete social processes and helped to construct a peculiar social reality.

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