The Potential of Vegetal and Animal Proteins to Develop More Sustainable Food Packaging

  • Tania Garrido
  • Jone Uranga
  • Pedro Guerrero
  • Koro de la CabaEmail author


Vegetal and animal proteins have been considered promising alternatives to develop new sustainable food packaging derived from bio-resources. Edible, easy to process, renewable and environmental friendly are just a few characteristics that turn proteins into excellent raw materials to develop edible or biodegradable films. Furthermore, the valorization of industrial wastes or by-products to develop more sustainable films could add value to these products. In this context, food processing industries generate wastes that cause economic and environmental problems; therefore, the valorization of these wastes to obtain proteins could facilitate the waste management as well as the development of value-added products. Despite these environmental benefits, vegetal and animal proteins have some drawbacks and different strategies are explored to overcome those limitations for their use as food packaging. Taking this into account, the aim of this chapter is to provide an overview of the currently developed films and coatings based on animal and vegetal proteins, including active packaging.


Active film Animal protein Food shelf life Vegetal protein 


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