Structured On-the-Job Training Modules

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Structured on-the-job training (S-OJT) is defined as the planned process of having an experienced employee train a novice employee on a unit of work in the actual work setting or a setting that closely resembles the work setting. S-OJT is the only training approach that makes use of a planned process for its design and delivery, occurs in the actual work setting, and has the direct involvement of a trainer. That is, trainees learn through a process of engaging in a series of trial and error on their own, watching others perform the task without any guidance, or being trained by someone who may not be fully qualified or prepared to be a trainer. As a result, research has shown that unstructured on-the-job training takes longer and achieves outcomes that are lower than S-OJT. Perhaps no other training approach is as dependent on using information from a task analysis as is S-OJT. The task analysis provides the content for the training and, as a result, forms the core aspect of an S-OJT module.

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