Shifting the Burden: An Ineffective ‘Quick Fix’ to the New Zealand Tire Problem

  • Aldrich RascoEmail author
  • David SundaramEmail author
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Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 878)


In New Zealand, we dispose off around 5 million tires, and 70% end up in a landfill. There, the tires occupy a considerable amount of space. Often unaccounted for once disposed off, the tires eventually attract pests and other contaminants. This situation is highly dangerous to nearby eco-systems, housing animals, and people alike. When tires are stacked in one area, there is a severe risk of fire and increased soil pollution. However, behind these real consequences, there lies a more significant problem with how tires are facilitated overall. There is no standardized process to dispose or recycle tires to prevent future build up. New Zealand’s deteriorating concern for tires is symptomatic of a more substantial problem which is our diminishing respect for sustainability. While the country prides itself on a clean and green image, it is without doubt our environmental awareness is deteriorating. The purpose of this research is to reclaim our consciousness and bring attention to a problem that is growing more prominent and visible across the country. The paper aims to shed insight with regards to the viability of modeling a sustainable zero waste supply chain from the perspective of tire conservation. Firstly, through the identification of the dynamic issues at play, we suggest potential solutions to our problems. Secondly, by demonstrating the viability of theoretical models, practical action is one step closer. Given that activity on tire conservation has been lagging for over a decade, this research would be of interest to academics, as well as crucial environmental decision-makers in New Zealand.


Tire conservation Tire recycling Retreading Zero waste economy Sustainable zero waste supply chain Shifting the burden archetype 


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